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Privacy Policy

This website/app does not require any special permission. Only when needed then it will ask for it then please read that prompt/message before allowing that permission.

We do not share data/details of the customer/client either with individual or any company. Only admin can see the details and if franchise is managing the users account he would have access of their data.

We do not call or email for OTP/Email Verification link/Card Details to any customer so please do not share your confidential details with anyone even if they are claiming that they are from www.badigisol.com (Digi Card).

check before you are paying online for your card or service. If you have received any email or text to your device to pay for your card. then please check the sender details. In case of any doubt please contact us on our registered number.

Cookie Policy

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We use cookies that support us to enhance our users experience.